How can flower remedies help you?

During our Kinesiology sessions we often use Bach Flower Remedies from Healing Herbs to help dissolve away emotional blockages. 
Many people may have heard of Rescue Remedy, but what exactly are Bach flower remedies and where do they come from?

In the 1930s Dr Edward Bach (pictured right) was a successful doctor with a lucrative practice.  He was dissatisfied with conventional medicine and its method of treating parts of the body in isolation rather than treating the patient as a whole.


After training in homeopathy, Bach was intent on developing a healing system that addressed his patients in a more holistic way.

He developed a system of 38 remedies that are still used today, each containing the essence of a particular flower.


Each essence works to alleviate a specific emotional problem. Once collected, flower essences are mixed with pure spring water and French organic Brandy. Some of the most popular essences include:

Impatiens – helps with feelings of impatience


Pine – helps dissolve feelings of guilt


Beech – helps with irritability and intolerance





See https://www.healingherbs.co.uk/bach-essences/ for the full range of 38 remedies.

Our clients love the simplicity and effectiveness of the Bach remedies and they receive their own personal blend following a Kinesiology Balance. An 18 year old client who had separated from his father took a flower remedy blend to help with his grief and sadness.  He said “I found the flower formulas useful for settling my emotions when I was starting to get upset. When I took them, something seemed to balance out and I felt more peaceful, and more able to face what I was feeling without being swept away by it.”

Here are a few more quotes from recent clients:


“The flower remedies instantly make me feel more relaxed and ease tension in my body and mind. They make a huge difference to my mood almost immediately.”


- Ana


"The Bach flower remedies are a life companion for me, which support me in a wonderful and gentle way with the power of nature in the different phases of my life. I am very thankful for that!"

- Chenma


"The Flower Remedies are a life saver!  At times of extreme stress or anxiety, they have calmed me down almost instantly.  I am really impressed how, with regular use, they can have such a profound effect."

- Maria


"The effect of the support I felt from Marie-claire's skillfully chosen Bach Flower blend was profound and positive. These subtle energies seep into all areas of emotional, physical and mental well-being, opening up new possibilities. Simply love them!"